Landscaping Services

From design to seasonal maintance, we provide landscaping full services.

Spring-Fall Bed Cleanup

Seasonal clean-ups keep your landscape looking crisp and healthy all year. They include: trimming shrubs, removing debris from beds, edging, cultivating mulch, and applying weed prevention, plant food and a layer of fresh mulch.

Mulching – Cultivating

Placing a layer of mulch over the root systems of your plants will help retain moisture, stabilize soil temperature, and control weed growth. Cultivation of existing mulch and/or soil allows moisture penetration.

Shrub Trimming & Pruning

Trimming shrubs will help maintain the desired shape and size of your shrubs. Proper pruning will guard against disease and increase the life of your plant by providing proper light and air-flow.

Summer Maintenance Program

A regular scheduled watering and flower maintenance plan will keep your garden looking fresh all summer.

Whole Property Leaf Removal

Leaves left on the lawn will create a patchy turf.

Bush Removal

Increase the size of your lawn or garden by removing unsightly overgrown areas.